Veterinary Internal Medicine Services

If your pet is ill, effective and efficient treatment is key to helping them get better as quickly as possible. Our team works to provide an accurate diagnosis quickly so that we can develop the right treatment plan for their needs. Our comprehensive care plans and thorough treatments can help your pet feel better and secure their wellbeing so that they can live long and happy lives.

Diagnostic Services

We utilize a variety of diagnostic services to help provide an accurate diagnosis for your pet's illness. These services include:

  • Digital radiographs
  • Ultrasounds for cardiac, abdominal, and biopsy guided
  • Endoscopy
Digital Radiographs

We even send out x-rays for second opinions because we are committed to your pet's care. Flamingo Road Animal Hospital provides the highest-quality care in the Miramar area, and we are dedicated to your pet's health and wellness. You can trust that they are receiving five-star service every time they come into our office for treatment.

Flamingo Road Animal Hospital has an in-house laboratory as well as capabilities for hormonal testing at our state-of-the-art facility. We have an in-house cytology analyzer that can analyze blood, tumor aspirates, urine, and we can provide pet owners with a pathology review within hours.

Our in-house laboratory services include:

  • Cytology - results from pathologist in 2 hours
  • Chemistry (catalyst one)
  • CBC procyte
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood gasses (vetstat)

Once we have a full understanding of your pet's diagnosis, we can provide a comprehensive treatment plan designed around their needs. Our high-quality, compassionate care can help your pet feel at ease for the duration of their treatment. We can also recommend the appropriate medications or treatment plan so that they can heal and manage any discomfort as quickly as possible.

Depending on severity, hospitalization may be recommended, and we may refer you to a specialist who can help provide further care. Flamingo Road Animal Hospital is committed to providing the highest-quality care for your pet in their time of need, so we will go above and beyond to make sure they receive the appropriate medical attention.

In-house Pharmacy

Our in-house pharmacy can fill your pet's prescription at your convenience. This unique service provides pet owners with instant access to online prescription refills and can eliminate concerns of running out of your pet's necessary medications. Easily refill your pet's medication online and pick it up at your convenience!

Once diagnosed, your pet will receive the highest-quality, most compassionate care, tailored to his or her individual needs. This may include hospitalization at our facility, transfer for overnight care or referral to a specialist. If medication is required, our in-house pharmacy provides instant access and online prescription refills eliminate any concerns about running out of your pet’s medications.

We also offer telemedicine services so that we can help your pet from anywhere, anytime! Telemedicine can be utilized for follow-up appointments, or even medication refills. Ask our team for more information about telemedicine!