About Flamingo Road Animal Hospital

"Flamingo Road Animal Hospital was established August 18, 2020 as a culmination of many years of hard work and dreams of a new concept in veterinary care."

Flamingo Road Animal Hospital

Hi, my name is Alexis Schulman. I was born in California to Peruvian/Dominican parents who taught me at an early age to love and respect animals, nature, and the ocean. I remember wanting to become a veterinarian since before I knew there was an actual word to describe an Animal Doctor!

I graduated from Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1983 and came home to rejoin my family in South Florida. Here I was fortunate enough to find employment at University of Miami Medical School in the Department of Neurosurgery, Miami Project. I trained as a Research Specialist in neuroscience for two years. Later, I was able to transfer to Dr. Peter Lutz's Neurophysiology Laboratory as a PostDoc and had the privilege to receive excellent mentorship and work with marine turtles. I participated in studies of physiology of anoxia tolerance, as well as protection and conservation of these wonderful animals.

After 5 years, marriage and transfer to the Midwest took me away from my beloved ocean into the beautiful lakes and plains of Indiana where I continued my research career at University of Notre Dame, Center for Transgene research working on Angiogenesis mechanisms in cancer research. After my long tenure away from clinical medicine, I decided to apply for licensure as a veterinarian and spent almost 2 years studying my career all over again. I participated in externships under the supervision of Dr. Martin Langhoffer, a gifted mixed animal practitioner and lecturer. Once I approved grueling exams in practice and theory of large and small animal medicine. I became a licensed veterinarian in Indiana where I ultimately ran my own practice for 5 years.

Once my oldest daughter graduated from high school and decided to go to Hawaii to study Marine Biology, I decided to become licensed in the beautiful state where I spent 4 years practicing general medicine, emergency, and critical care.

I have come full circle back to Florida and followed my passion for emergency medicine while working in several specialty hospitals from Brevard to Dade Counties! I have had wonderful experiences in all the places where I've lived but the town of Miramar and the kindness of its people have touched my heart and feel this move will be my last. My hope is to bring everything I've learned and apply it to improve the lives of the pets of my community and their families.